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 FREE Pagemonth Budgets for Excel or Works
are available below.

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Download our popular PAGEMONTH BUDGETS AND TEMPLATES in Excel (.xls) or Works (.xlr) versions, with or without sample data, at no cost.  These are not simple worksheets but fully functioning home budget spreadsheets ready to enter, edit, save and print.  Download as many and as often as you want.  All are free and can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

budget files have sample items and amounts you can replace with your own.

template files have blank items and zero amounts, ready to input your data.
Both have identical formats, formulas, and functions.
Which should you choose?  It's up to you, but we suggest you download both, use the budget for reference and enter your own data on the template.


The Pagemonth Budget

SINCE 1980
"Spreadsheet budgeting just makes sense because you can set it up the way you want it.  I created this one in 1980 and still use it to manage my own money today."   --N.B. Kauffman
Edit it in your desktop workspace . . .

                                                             . . . then print it for reference and recordkeeping
Same-cell-position editing in the next or previous  month by clicking "pagedown" or "pageup" three times . . .
 . . .or scroll rapidly through all twelve months by grabbing with the cursor.
Prints twelve 8-1/2 x 11" standard notebook pages and a summary page on plain paper.
on one page. . . 
what you want to know

Pagemonth Advantages:
  • Same-cell-position editing in all months.
  • Vertically arranged months for easy editing.
  • Private and secure.  Your data stays in your computer.
  • Completely user-configurable and adaptable for small business or other uses.
  • Regular and Other Income and Expenses categorized separately.  
  • Running checking account balance not linked to bank.
  • No advertising, no spyware, and no user tracking.

  • Left side Cash flow shows transactions by date like your checkbook, provides cross-check of Budget side.
  • Middle Totals show each income, expense, and charge category year total to the nearest dollar, plus all months' end balances.
  • Right side Budget shows transactions by category, provides cross-check of Cash flow side.
  • Bottom line compares both totals, shows gain/loss for month and year, and updates the next month's beginning balance.
  • Prints one page per month on plain paper plus a year summary page.
  • Binds in any standard three-ring notebook (as shown above).
  • Reuse year after year.  Simply rename and enter new data.
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  Note:  Pagemonth files run offline.  When  download completes, SAVE the files to your desktop, then click each file's icon to run it.
budget files with samples

DOWNLOAD NOW!   pagemonthbudget.xls (apx. 452 kb.)  Runs in Excel.

DOWNLOAD NOW!   pagemonthtemplate.xls (apx. 445 kb.)  Runs in Excel.
budget files without samples

DOWNLOAD NOW!  pagemonthbudget.xlr (apx.658 kb.)  Runs in Works.

DOWNLOAD NOW!  pagemonthtemplate.xlr (apx. 514 kb.)  Runs in Works.

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