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Pagemonth FAQ's

Send us your Questions and Concerns.  You can use the Contact Us page's email form if you wish.  We'll try to answer them here.
Why use a spreadsheet budget?

I tried  Quicken, MSMoney, and other package applications before I settled on this spreadsheet budget to manage my money.  I wrote it as soon as Windows 3.1 offered a spreadsheet in Works, and updated it through the years.  The fact is, you can keep track of your money in any form or program, but the big commercial applications don’t show my income or expenses in the format I need.  With a spreadsheet I can control how everything in the program works and can understand why, because I wrote the formulas.  And especially I need to know my balance as each day’s income comes in and costs go out, when I spend the cash or mail the checks.  I’ve never found a commercial program that does that.  Most are linked to bank and credit card accounts, so I don’t get a balance until transactions clear at the bank, and I never could make things balance. 

I couldn’t print the standard notebook-sized 8 ½ x 11-inch pages I wanted either.  That’s why I created each month’s information on just one sheet, the Pagemonth Budget.

Is this spreadsheet available in other file formats?

I wrote it originally in MSWorks as a .wks file, but have since offered it on the internet as an Excel xls. file because Office is the current leading application bundled with most Windows computers.   If you prefer to use it as a Works file (.wks or later .xlr); it is available on the home page.  I still keep my personal budget that way, mainly because I’m more familiar with Works behavior.

What if I want to list more regular expense categories than 18?
Most regular monthly expenses are paid out to a dozen or fewer vendors, such as rent/mortgage, utilities (electric, water, phone/cellphone, cable), loans, and credit cards.  I choose to treat what I pay myself (cash, savings) as regular expenses also, to get them out of my checking account balance so I can manage the rest better.  If you pay more than eighteen vendors a month regularly, this budget spreadsheet probably isn’t for you, because the space you would need to keep track of them would need to be increased, and then you’re taking it from another area to keep everything on one monthly page.  You could try a smaller font and bigger sheet, but it won’t be as easy to read.

Why pay yourself cash each week?
I pay with cash, often, for convenience and to avoid penny and dime credit card purchases.  
Why pay yourself a savings account deposit the first thing each month?
I pay myself  (savings deposit) at the beginning of the month to put myself first in line of people I need to pay.  If I wait till the end of the month to see how much is left that I could put in savings, I won’t have the will power.  There will always be other things that come up.


Is there a certain psychology at work here?
You bet!   What you don’t see you won’t miss, like your payroll deductions and withholding.   Plan your budget based on your net paycheck, not your gross.  Too many folks make that mistake.
What are "Disposable Funds"?
Disposable Funds are the top figure in the budget side's end summary.  They equal the month's beginning balance plus the month's income, and represent the total funds available to pay expenses at any given time.  Disposable funds minus the month's expenses equal the month's end balance.  All these amounts change throughout the month as transactions are projected and changed by actual amounts.
Can Pagemonth Be Used for Small Business Budgets? 
Yes.   Although Pagemonth budgets and templates are designed for personal or home budget use, they can be modified for small business use if desired. No special permissions are required as there is nothing proprietary about our data, and all cells in our files are user configurable. Our unique design as a home budget, however, is protected by common copyright.
Can These Files Be Changed to Three-Month or Six-Month Budgets?
Yes they can.  In fact, we used to offer a three-month version, which we easily adapted from our standard annual one.  You need only replace the automatically-carried-over beginning balance for whatever month you begin with, with a manual entry beginning balance from your checkbook.  Your totals will adjust to your new start date.  However, you won't have previous months' data or totals available at year's end, and of course your summary totals and averages will only reflect the months you used.

Will Other Spreadsheet Programs Like Open Office Run Pagemonth Budgets, or only Excel and MSWorks?
Oracle's Open Office runs Pagemonth budgets and templates, and other spreadsheet programs probably will also.  In fact, I used to run mine on Open Office, but got Excel when I decided to offer them again on the Internet, since Excel is so widely used.  You might need to adjust the editing and formatting settings on such programs to get the results you want.
Do I have to use Pagemonth's suggested or sample categories?
No.  Though our budgets come with sample categories and amounts, our templates have no suggested categories and zero amounts.  This is because each user's regular expenses and income sources are different and each user will likely prefer different categories and positions.  We suggest only that you break down your income sources and expense payouts into "Regular" for recurring and "Other" for occasional, as we have.
Where are your free spreadsheets?
For a time we had to stop giving away our spreadsheets, but now we are offering them free again.  We're pleased that many download our free budgets and templates and hope they help those who need them.
Are the new spreadsheets different from the original free ones?
No.  They are exactly the same.  If you downloaded free files, they will continue to work just as you got them, and as we promised, they will remain ad-free, spyware free, and gimmick-free with all original functions.


If I downloaded the original free files, can I still use the help and support pages as before?
Absolutely.  Our support pages are open to everyone and always will be.  We want you to benefit from using our spreadsheets.  And you can still contact us with questions or comments on our contact page or at
Wasn't your website called a few years ago?
Yes, but not presently.  We created the website and its spreadsheets in 2008 and sold them through that website and affiliates for a time, then closed when the economy worsened.  Now our new website offers only pagemonth budgets (without the middle "a") and templates at 
Can I still get pageamonth files?
Not with that spelling.  All our budgets and templates are now pagemonth files, available at the bottom of our homepage.  If you currently own any pageamonth files, you are still welcome to visit our support pages and contact us with questions or concerns free of charge.
And you can convert your pageamonth files to pagemonth files just by renaming them the extension.  They are the same files.
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